The Sons of Thestian by M. E. Vaughan

It’s action packed, dynamic and unexpectable. It’s more than a book to read. It’s a book to discover.

The Sons of Thestian follows a story of the kingdom of Harmatia, a land ruled by the benevolent king Thestian. But when the king grows ill and the kingdom falls under the rule of the tyrannical queen, some long-forgotten truths rise to the surface threatening to change Harmatia forever. In the time of crisis, the Prince Jionathan of Harmatia  and a Magi Rufus Merle – magical protector and sworn enemy of the Prince, find themselves on an unlikely journey through the land, though their destination is unclear in the shadows of the past.

In her debut novel, M. E. Vaughan proves her talent beyond any doubt. The Sons of Thestian plays with the classic structure, bringing fantasy adventure to a whole new level. With its swift action, the complex characters and the vivid world, it stands as an excellent example of a bestseller. With such beginnings, it appears a glittering career awaits Ms Vaughan.

The world created in The Sons of Thestian spreads wide and colourful in front of the reader’s eyes. The geography, history and culture of the world, depicted with careful detail, make it easy to forget the difference between reality and fiction. The characters’ personalities are so lifelike that one welcomes them as old friends or loathes as enemies.

Recent research from scientists at Emory University, Atlanta has proven that books affect us to the point where we experience the story in a way its character does. Such state is claimed to last for 5 days, but The Sons of Thestian is a proof in itself that some books are more than that, and that some of them stay with the reader for the rest of their life.

The Sons of Thestian is more than a mere entertainment. It tells a story of friendship, love and family. And as the reader goes on this epic fight along with the characters, they rejoice and hurt with them and learn a lesson they sure will remember. The Sons of Thestian is one of the books that make the reader laugh aloud and cry the next moment.

Moreover, The Sons of Thestian is a technical masterpiece. Not only are the characters and the world very well build, but also the plot is skilfully constructed. In addition to that, at moments humorous, at moments poetic and at moments harsh language varies, yet at the same time author’s personal style is still surfacing.

Although it was only published in March this year, it has already turned out to be a great success. Paperback, as well as the Kindle version is available on Amazon, and one can check out the author’s, Twitter and Facebook.

The mastery of language and the brilliance of the story – reading The Sons of Thestian conjures the aura of a starry summer night and as the readers gather around the story teller, she begins. The letters disappear and the warmth of a fire cracking embraces them, as they lose themselves to an entrancing tale.