5 Questions to… JayEz – write out of the closet

JayEz have been devising stories since she can imagine, though she started writing when she was 11. From short stories and journalism she found her way to fanfiction and screenwriting. Her one goal is to move people with her passion and earn a living doing so.

Kinga Budzyn: What is writing to you?

JayEz: The one thing in life I cannot do without. When I have to go a few days without, my mood plummets and my fingers start to itch. Writing is my passion and I won’t – and can’t – live without pursuing it.

KB: What genres do you write in and what do you write about? Do you think an author should have a mission, a massage to get to the readers through his works?

J: I love drama, as well as thriller/action elements, and I found I have a talent for it. My topics are character-driven; anything I can endow with a fast pace. I love to work with vastly different characters that complement each other against all odds.

While I do have a mission/message, I don’t see writing as necessarily political. However, I strive to always feature a multi-facetted cast from all backgrounds and of all orientations.

KB: What forms do you write? What attracts you in them?

J: I currently write fanfiction and screenplays. Fanfic ranges in length and for me is first and foremost a playground to engage with characters I love and the great community sharing my enthusiasm. Screenplays are amazing for telling stories visually and most importantly as condensed as possible. I have verbose prose…

KB: Do you experience writer’s block? How do you deal with it?

J: It’s rarely too severe when I’m blocked. It’s always a sign that my Muse disagrees with something I intended for a story, and the only thing I can do is let it rest for a bit and trust my Muse to figure out how to go on instead. A few days, several weeks… I can’t rush it, but it always dissolves on its own, thankfully!

KB: What advice would you give to the newbie writers?

J: Don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s a pointless endeavour for whatever reason. If it brings you joy, do it. There is no right way to write! Write whatever you feel like. Also, ask for feedback. If you’re anxious about criticism, find someone whom you trust to be honest but kind, and go on from there. Most importantly: Have fun!!!

An interview on writing done as a part of the “Write out of the closet” project.

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